iPhone♡iPad♡テザリング & 息子とZOOM練習【英会話♡GPT添削】

5:14 ~ GPT添削の英文でネイティブっぽく🌸 前半→サリー♡オリジナルしどろもどろ英会話🌸 今月から息子が語学留学で日本の私とZOOMでちゃんと繋がれるのか不安ですが、その前にeSIM設定ちゃんとできるのか🤔🤣調べることだらけです💦 🌸GPT添削↓ Hello everyone, how are you doing? This is Sally from Sally's English. I'm going to keep speaking in English.  Today I went out with my son to shop for supplies he needs for his English language study program abroad later this month. He needed to buy a bunch of things for his trip, so we spent the day shopping.  Unfortunately, we couldn't find everything, so since there are many items we still need to buy, it's going to get busier for us. Before we started shopping at different stores, we enjoyed lunch at a Japanese restaurant. During our meal, my son was using his new iPad, which we bought for his study trip.  He used a feature called tethering, which I'm not too familiar with. Tethering lets you use the internet on a tablet like an iPad by connecting it to a smartphone.  Normally, you can't use the internet on an iPad without having an internet plan, but with tethering, the iPad can connect to the internet through the phone.  My son set this up easily, using his iPhone to connect his iPad to the internet for the first time. He found it quite easy and was happy using his new device. At the restaurant, we also tried making a Zoom call using my son's iPad and my smartphone. Since we plan to use Zoom to keep in touch when he is abroad, we took this chance to practice.  There are still many things we need to prepare before he leaves.  He will be going to an English-speaking country in Asia, but I'll let you guess which one. Overall, today was a busy day of shopping and trying out new technology with my son. Now, we're back home and I'm a bit tired, but it's okay.  I plan to have ChatGPT4 check and improve my English explanation of today’s events, and I'll try to read it out loud like a native speaker would. I'll record this on the app and hope you will find it enjoyable.  Thank you for listening, this is Sally from Sally's English. I look forward to our next chat. Have a great day! お聴きいただき ありがとうございます🌸 Have a good day 💖 🥰🐈️(=^.^=) 🍒 断捨離から始める🧹 「老後資金が足りない」 スマホ初心者🔰専業主婦の為の 老後設計♡時短シンプルSNS起業 個別サポート(=^^=) 「老後の未来ビジョンを描く」お手伝い♡ コーチング•SNS起業の仕組み作り•アプリ使い方 \SNS起業の流れとやり方をマンツーマン指導/ 元 通訳/翻訳/英語講師    英語スクール経営 7年間 年商800万 起業したい主婦向けにLINE通話📞で 分かりやすく寄り添いコーチング ご希望の方(お問い合わせの方)はレターください💌😊 #英会話 #AI #旅行 #海外留学 #語学留学 #海外旅行 #ipad #起業 #専業主婦 #主婦起業 #アラフィフ #アラ還 #インスタ起業 #転職 #ワーママ #不登校 #GPT #CHATGPT #ChatGPT4 #GPT4 #ネイティブ #バイリンガル育児 #英文法 #サリー #サリー英語
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